We performs water purification strategy to revive imminent water such as rivers and lakes.

Eutrophication progresses due to the inflow of pollutants in our surrounds water area like rivers, lakes, and the seaside has generated algae and become polluted water.
Pollutants consume oxygen, and when the dissolved oxygen in the water decreases, fish and aquatic organisms cannot live and the ecosystem is destroyed. If untreated household wastewater or factory wastewater flows in, the water quality deteriorates further, and an odor is generated, making it impossible to use as a water source.

However, it can be said that the main cause of water pollution is our abundant life itself. The sewage and drainage generated from abundant lifestyles adversely affects the waterfront and the living environment is polluted.

For water purification, it is important to promote beautification activities and environmental education throughout the world to conserve water and prevent the entry of pollutants. However, a large amount of pollutants have already been discharged into water areas around the world, and water pollution has become serious issue. The amount of inflowing pollutants is far greater than the natural purification capacity, and environmental destruction continues. In order to regenerate contaminated water and restore beautiful nature, it is necessary to strengthen the natural purification capacity. Natural regeneration methods are not costly but need to be sustainable.

Let’s contribute to the conservation of ecosystems by carry out water purification work to revive our rich waterside.