While studying at Nanryo Gakuen, students are expected to take advantage of every opportunity presented by school intercultural environments , in addition to attend classes and school activities , in order to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to contribute to the world once they graduate. Students are also expected to contribute to the learning of the entire school community by actively engaging in exchange on the intercultural environment.

As such, applicant must possess the following skills in order to engage in this kind of learning:

  1. Basic English or Japanese communication skills.
  2. Strong desire and aptitude to learn the Japanese language.
  3. Show the attitude, motivation and maturity to thrive in the intercultural environment at school
  4. Motivation to actively take advantage of all learning opportunities with which one is presented with
  5. Aptitude for coexistence in a intercultural environment.
  6. Have interested to continue higher study at university in Japan after finish high school.

WA Champion Academy will do comprehensive assess on skills and motivation, and admit those students who deemed compatible with the Nanryo Gakuen style of learning.

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