Admission inquiry on our website

Evaluation process (you maybe contact for interview)

Notification of the evaluation`s result to applicant by email

Preparation and submission of requested documentation to the school.

Evaluation process at Japan Immigration Bureau:
・If the application is accepted, Certificate of Eligibility will be sent to the school.
・Result notification sent to the applicant by email.

Shipping of Certificate of Eligibility and the Certificate of Admission to the applicant

Submission of student visa application at a Japanese embassy or consulate

Welcome to WA Champion Academy!


December 2018 (end)
  • Submit application to school
January 2019 (mid)
  • Apply for Certificate of Eligibility
February 2019 (mid)
  • Send the Certificate of Eligibility to student
March 2019 (mid)
  • Apply for student visa at Japan embassy or consulate
April 3,2019
  • Arrive at Kansai International Airport in the morning.
  • *all student will move by school bus to dormitory.
  • *dormitory entrance ceremony will be held on evening.
April 7,2019
  • School entrance ceremony
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