Year 2018 marks the start of WA Champion Academy as a secondary education level for young student from developing countries to grow in a intercultural environment.

As part of our strategic vision, we have made collaboration with School Corporation of Nanryo Gakuen in Japan to be an instrumental in the development of human and continues to support for a promising future of young leader.

The beginning story of WA Champion Academy is deeply related with my personal experience in Japan. I become interested in Japanese culture and society when I first came to Japan under Malaysia’s Look East Policy scholarship for undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering. Then, after graduated I started my professional career as engineer in Japanese companies and started actively involving in Japanese society. Being a part of Japanese society, I always believed that Japan has many treasures to be explored by developing nations, and the key for the treasure is through education which a pillar for the prosperous society.

So, we decided to create a platform in education to realize the objectives of nurturing the Japanese moral values in young people from developing nations. It is important to acknowledge that Japan has made a significant development as an Asian nation capable to standing firmly on the world stage. Japan is home to many potentially high competitive individuals. It is also important to acknowledge that Japanese essence and values in their culture that contribute to shape Japanese society today.

WA Champion Academy aspires to nurture high potential and highly motivated young people to lead their country to world stage like what Japan has respectfully showed to the world.

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