In education business, we promote international educational exchange and educational development programs that connect Japan and overseas.

WA Champion Academy is a study abroad program to Japan secondary school designed for students from developing countries in collaborations with Japanese high schools.
In the WA Champion Academy, students who wishes to study in Japan are chosen. They receive 3 years of education in Japan, where first 6 month is spent for Japanese Language. In their 3rd year, students take the entrance examinations for their desired Japanese universities and begin studying in accepted university in Japan.
WA Japan Internship Program is an internship abroad program created for the university level to assist student career development by providing real work experiences in Japan. Due to the correlation that internships have to the potential career paths, the knowledge and experience accumulated in Japan will be treasure for students future life and career.
This internship program also aims to promote international cooperation by contributing to the development of human resources who will play roles in the economic development of developing regions.