Aromatherapy seminar session

Aromatherapy seminar session


We are organizing monthly seminar sessions about Aromatherapy in Japan and internationally starting this year. The seminar is being conducted online and face-to-face. 

Through this seminar, the participants will enjoy aromatherapy and essential oils not as scents only, but also will be exposed to the healing power of each essential oil and the balance of mind and body that are indispensable for the healing process which will enhance the natural healing power of human beings. This seminar also will teach how to use essential oils to keep yourself healthy in various situations in your daily life. Each session has a different topic and the participants will learn a variety of essential oils.

The instructor is Mr. Koji Sakura, the representative of Japan Co., Ltd., who has travelled all over the world to provide best selected high-quality essential oils to customers. He also conducted guidance on techniques for application of essential oils in Japan and internationally. Mr. Koji Sakura will share with his experience with essential oil producing areas and some dialogue episodes with professionals in Japan and abroad. 

We are always welcoming participants who are interested in learning about essential oils.

Please click here for the dates and details of the monthly sessions.

We look forward to your participation