CSR Initiative【Sai No Kuni Road Support】







Our theory of “WA” symbolizes “harmony, environment,and human relation”. Based on this statement, we have decided to advance social impact in order to expand the circle of community and environmental contribution activities. In this year, WA JAPAN has been certified as “Sai no Kuni Road Support Organization” and we are organizing Trash-picking events regularly around the Haraichi area in Ageo city.

Since Saitama prefecture is designated as an area with stricter anti-coronavirus measures, our first activity was held with a small number of people. It was a clear sunny summer day before the rainy season, and the activity was held on June 10th.

Within our activity area, various plants from shrubs to trees are planted on the side of the main road and some of them also are planted by nearby residents. From a distance there seems to be less litter but a lot of trash is scattered around the plants and soil.

We found around the roots of tall trees, batteries were thrown away, cigarette butts were littered on the ground and empty cans and plastic bottles were thrown in the azaleas tree. 

There seem to be various purposes of planting roadside trees to conserve environments such as to absorb the carbon dioxide, landscape improvement, conservation of the living environment, and also traffic safety. But, after this clean-up activity, we were left pondering : has this area become a place where it is easy to litter also?.

❝We can make a world, where many want to belong to…
We can make a place called home, where many feel safe, secure, and warm.
We can keep a road clean, where many see, feel good to walk on…❞

A total of 4 bags (45L size) of trash were picked up in this activity. We hope that we will continue to clean up every season and make the scenery of the city as beautiful as possible.

We look forward to your participation next time.

Let’s clean up our environment together!