Celebrate Friendship Fair

Celebrate Friendship Fair


Enzan Monjyuin-Muslim International Student Friendship Fair was held on November 28, 2021, in collaboration with Enzan Monjyuin Temple. This event was participated by not only Muslim students but also Koshu City Council member, Mr. Kunikazu Maruyama, local governments, scholars, and business people.

This Friendship Fair was held with the aim of valuing the relationship between Enzan Monjyuin Temple and the Muslim community which has been connected for 58 years. In the morning session, Muslim cemetery cleaning activity, prayer, and lunch party were conducted. As an evening session, we held a science cafe talk. In this activity, IOT experts were invited to give lectures and have dialogues with students and participants.

At the beginning of the friendship fair, our company president, Mr. Koji Sakura stated the background and purpose of holding this friendship fair, showing gratitude to the Enzan Monjyuin Temple and expectations for the participating students.

We continued to hold free talking sessions for those who wished after the close ceremony and it helps create new connections that transcend the boundaries of universities and affiliations.

This friendship fair was broadcast on Yamanashi Broadcasting System (YBS).
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Broadcast time:Novermber 28, 2021 (Sunday) 17:00 ~ 17:30