Port Dickson Beach Cleaning

"Port Dickson Beach Cleaning"




On 19th July 2019, we had a WA Club gathering with our Sanandaj team from Iran at Teluk Kemang beach, Port Dickson. Teluk Kemang is the vastest and the most popular beach in Port Dickson as it provides tonnes of fun with water sports as well as a lot of accommodations and since it is always crowded with visitors, especially on holidays, the place also provides abundant facilities like parking lots, bathrooms, gazebos, etc.

Even during our visit there, there was a lot of visitors who came to play jet skis and banana boats with their families. Us, however, since we started out the beach cleaning activity late in the evening, we had not had the chance to play the water sports as they were already closing.

Nevertheless, our activity still managed to catch the attention of local people and we hoped to spread some awareness and that it will make more people interested in joining us. It was also a good experience for our Sanandaj team because this was their first time doing activities outside their homeland. 

WA Club without borders

“WA Club without borders”  is our current slogan which coveys the meaning that anyone from all ages, from any background can come and join us. 

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